About the Golden Bork?

The Golden Bork aims to be a receptacle for anthropologically inspired musings on topics ranging from the frivolous to the serious.

It is called The Golden Bork partly because all the other names we came up with were taken. But more specifically it is a tribute to Frazer’s The Golden Bough and to the Muppets’ Swedish Chef’s propensity to say ‘bork’. As will doubtlessly be explained in a future blog, the Swedish Chef is a profound comedic creation built around the humour of ‘translation’ and that ‘foreignness’ is strange and entertaining. This Muppet/anthropology syncretism is probably a good indicator of what to expect from this blog – anthropologically inspired thinking about whatever takes our fancy, occasional silliness, occasional seriousness, a mild obsession with anthropological overlaps with popular culture and anthropological insights into current affairs.

Authors Gavin Weston  is a lecturer at Goldsmiths, London, and Natalie Djohari is a researcher at Substance, Manchester- currently on maternity leave and inevitably musing on all things baby related…both are obsessed anthropologists. We hope to be joined on here at some point by our guest blogging friends.